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Popular Food Favorites and the Wines that Make Them Even Better

Pizza, Wings, Fried Chicken, and Burgers …


  • Tomato based love medium-bodied reds or Italian rose’
  • Meat, tomato and cheese bigger and bolder reds work best. Here’s a wine you might not know but our Chairman does, and he loves it: Anglianico
  • Margherita: using your “congruent” pairing, try a Sangiovese for an acidity match-up.
  • White pizza with cheese, veggies like arugula and Prosciutto; or peppers & onions; or mushrooms and artichokes (always tough!): an inexpensive but high-quality Prosecco will work well.


  • Hot wings go well with sweeter wines which offset the spicy taste and flavors.
  • Mild to Moderate Hot pair very well with a full-bodied wine such as a Merlot

or go with an Italian Rose’

  • Smoked Wings pair with peppery, jammy wines like Zinfandel or Grenache
  • Jerk Wings which are of course usually hot and spicy are complemented by a rose

And yes, you could always choose a good Prosecco for the acid cutting bubbles and the sweetness factor. Source: Glass Half Full

Fried Chicken:

  • Aren’t you happy you clicked on this link: fried chicken is a favorite across our country and wherever you go you can expect a debate as to which style and preparation is best, but for dining pleasure you’ve got two winning choices:
  • 1. A Dry Riesling that offers a touch of fruit sweetness balanced by minerality and acidity to combat the chicken’s fat (dark meat) and oiliness. Great choices range from Washington or New York State and Austria or Germany.
  • 2. A sparkling wine that offers the same taste values as a Riesling.


  • Meat needs a red here, but the add-ons can change your final pairing choice…
  • Big Mac* – Try a Pinot Noir. It will bring your burger up another level.
  • Cheeseburger with or without bacon needs a Cabernet Sauvignon or a bold red blend.
  • In-N-Out Double Double* with grilled onions beg for a Beaujolais region Gamay.
  • French Fries call for a sparkler such as a Prosecco.

*Big Mac and Double Double are Trademarks of McDonald’s and In-N-Out respectively.